About Us

Hello there,

Welcome to our site, Printersguider! This is the warehouse of different types of printers, where you will find specialized printers for your technical tasks. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a printer for a professional purpose or your personal purpose; here in Printersguider, you’ll find the best printer for your work.

To assist you in finding the right printer, we have a professional team with expert knowledge of printers and their accessories. Our whole team members’ one and only vision are to guide you to your desired printers according to your budget and demand.

Our Testing Methodology

Printersguider is operated by a team of professionals. Hence, every printer you find here in Printersguider results from thorough research and investigation. For every single printer review, we follow a well-organized strategic plan so that our guide every single printer can help you in accomplishing your goal.

First of all, we split our team members into small groups and assigned them individual tasks to complete our product testing methodology. We started with the market investigation and product research and finished with an in-depth buying guideline.

From market investigation to buying guidelines, we perform many steps to complete our testing methodology, such as product selection, review analysis, product ranking, review writing, etc.

Our Team

Kyle Adam

By profession, Kyle Adam is a printer technician, and he is also the founder of this site, Printersguider. After completing his graduation in Computer Science and Engineering, he started work for a renowned printer manufacturing company as a printer technician. He has been working there for almost seven and half years, so there is simply nothing he doesn’t know about printers and their accessories.

Besides his job, he also loves to do research and write about what he is dealing with in his everyday life; Printersguider is the result of that. Kyle has done some surveys on printers and their consumers, and he found that majority of the people are purchasing the wrong printers rather than their needs due to their lack of knowledge about printers.

So, he created this site to educate those people who need a specialized printer but don’t have proper knowledge about it.

James C. Green

James is a friend of Kyle and his co-worker in the same printer manufacturing company. He is also a printer technician and the chief editor of this site. When Kyle created this site, he asked him to join Printersguider, and  James gladly accepted his proposal. As an expert printer technician, James knows inch and out of a printer, and under his guidance, the whole research team conducts their research and investigations.

Mark R. Sanders

Mark is a research writer and the head of our writing team. Writing has been a passion for Mark since his academic life, and now it has become his profession. After completing his graduation in English Literature, Linguistics, and Journalism, he worked for many renowned magazines, websites, and journals.

We hired him into our team because of his in-depth knowledge of research writing. And the best thing about Mark is he can explain everything so simple that readers can easily understand.

Our Review Process

Market Exploration And Product Research

Market exploration and product research is the very 1st step in our product review process. Through this step, we understand the novelties of the market and the newness of the product, and it helps us meet the consumer’s demand with the latest product.

Core Features Identification

Not all the features of a product are essential for the consumers. Sometimes the brand added additional features just to make their product a bit pricier. In the core features identification step, we look for the exact features of the products. It helps us select the actual product according to the consumer’s demand, and this also assists in separating those products which are pricier for their additional features.

Product Selection

Once the main features are identified, we select our final product from the preliminary list and send the list to the editorial team for product analysis.

Reviews Analysis

Analyzing the review of the actual buyers is a crucial step in our product review process. It helps us get the product’s real-life experience and assist us in differentiating the manufacturer’s promotional statement.

Product Ranking

Once our editorial team fact-checks all the selected product data, they organize them rank-wise. In the ranking process, the best product got the highest score and secured the top rank, and we only review those products that ensure their position in the top rank.

Reviews Writing

After completing the product ranking process, the next step is review writing. Our editorial team provides all the research and findings to the writing team to write an in-detail review of our selected products.

Buying Guide

The buying guideline is the overall summation of the whole research and investigation process. With the help of buying guide, you can ideally select the best product according to your need.