Can Regular Printers Print Shipping Labels?

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Although one cannot overemphasize the benefits of a printer, some printouts are quite disappointing! Even as various sizes and types exist, printer owners still experience low-quality outputs. That takes us to the question, ‘Can Regular Printers Print Shipping Labels?’

Regular Printers can print shipping labels but to an extent. This limitation is because they’re small and could serve you to a limit. To print many shipping labels, you ought to get a bigger version. However, continue reading to avail some key takeaways!

Key Takeaways:

  • A shipping label identifies the content of a container or package.
  • Due to their small sizes, regular printers print just a few copies only.
  • You can kick-start your printing setups by using; Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox. These three work efficiently, well, and fast.

What’s A Shipping Label?

This refers to an identification label that points out the content of a package. The contents of a shipping label include information like; name, address, weight, and tracking numbers. It encompasses all you ought to know about the container. Moreover, the label enables one to track and deliver the container to the rightful owner. With that, there will not be a case of a missing or stolen package or container.

What’s A Shipping Label

How to Create A Shipping Label?

Creating a shipping label is of uttermost importance and requires great caution. Without an appropriate shipping label, you’d easily misplace the goods’ identity. That’ll be too bad! Therefore, to be on the safe side, below are a few steps to creating an excellent shipping Label! Follow suit to get the ultimate label!

STEP 1: Click on “Create Label,” put in the name of one of your orders, and fill in the package’s weight and size.

STEP 2: Click on “Shipping Rates.” Here different rates will come up; compare and select the most suitable!

STEP 3: After proper comparison, buy Label

STEP 4: Then, click on “Download” to download the label. File it and print.

Can Regular Printers Print Shipping Labels?

Regular printers can print shipping labels. But like we said earlier, there are some limitations to voluminous printing. So if you’re still wondering and asking, “can regular printers print shipping labels,” check the limitations below.

Can Regular Printers Print Shipping Labels - Lets know the answer

  • Size: owing to their small sizes, printing a large number of shipping labels is difficult.
  • Quality: Regular printer can’t give you a sharp printout like a standard printer. Its printing quality (appearance) is very poor compared to that of a Laser (standard printer).
  • Paper: we won’t forget to mention that your paper choice matters a lot here. Most papers give a better presentation than others, so I prefer a standard A4 peel and stick sheet.
  • Time consumption: It’s usually time-consuming to use a regular printer when printing large shipping labels! Use a standard one to avoid waste of time.

How Do I Set Up My Printer To Print A Shipping Label?

Printing a shipping label shouldn’t be quite challenging if you’ve got the right setup! It’s paramount that you know simple setup techniques for greater effect. Although various types of setups exist here, we’ll lead you perfectly through our best three (3)!

Firefox Setup

STEP 1: Go to Firefox and click to open, then navigate to the top right hand. You’ll see a settings button.

STEP 2: Click on Print and go to “page set up”

STEP 3: You’ll see the “Format & Options “tab. Click on “Enable” to enable Print Background for both colors and images.

STEP 4: Click on “Disable” to disable Shrink to Fit Page Width

STEP 5: Select the Margin, Header & Footer tabs. Change Header & Footer options to Blank to eliminate; time, date, and page number appearance during printout at the Header or footer.

STEP 6: Change all the margins ranging from right, left, top, and bottom to Zero (0)

STEP 7: Then save changes by clicking OK and printing the labels.

Google Chrome Setup

STEP 1: Open Google chrome, and from within, find the “Settings button,” at the top right and click “Print”

STEP 2: Options will come up; click on “More settings.” Then, go over to the Margin tab and set it to none.

STEP 3: Enable the ‘Background graphics’ option by clicking on it.

STEP 4: You’re 100% ready to print your label from Google chrome.

Internet Explorer Setup

Step 1: From Internet Explorer, click on the settings icon. Then, choose “Print,” and then Page set up.

Step 2: Go to the “Header” and “Footer” options, and change all to Empty. This’ll enable time, date, and page number not to print at the Header and Footer during label printing.

Step 3: Go to the margins options as well and change all (Right, Left, Top, and Bottom) to 0

Step 4: Go over to “Print Background Colors and Images.” Click on the box beside it to enable it.

Step 5: Below “Print Background Colors and Images,” you will see “Shrink To Fit.” Click on the box beside it to Disable it.

Step 6: Save all alterations and close. You got it! Print!

When you are done setting up your printer to print a shipping label, there is one more step left. “How To Print Labels.” A few guidelines have been outlined below on how you can successfully print labels without a hitch. Carefully follow this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Choose the right Label paper

You can’t afford to choose the wrong paper for printing. It’s important you choose out of; Folder labels, Mailing Labels, and Shipping Labels. Then, the type of printer plays a great role in the paper choice and ultimate result!

Step 2: Inspect the Label Paper

This stage is imperative for ensuring that the Label sheets are in good condition. Faulty label sheets can damage your printer via germs or smears on an old sheet. Do not use Label sheets that are rough or not normal in size. Discard any sticky label residue on the printing surface as it could clog up the printer.

STEP 3: Design the Label

Numerous templates exist for making labels available in WORD. Everything you need is available in the WORD app, so kindly follow these easy-to-learn steps to it!

  • Open “Word,” navigate to the top Bar and Then select “Labels”
  • Go to the Envelopes and Labels window and select “options.”
  • A list of Label Vendors will pop up; choose your label brand.
  • Click “Product number” and then OK.

STEP 4: Test the Label

Examine the label by using plain paper to print. Mark the upper side of the plain paper and put it into a tray for printing. After the test, use the mark on the paper to determine how to fix the label sheet before printing. Through this, you’ll know the actual load of the paper, either label side up or label side down.

how to Test the shipping Label

The next step is checking the alignment of your labels. You can do it by looking for any printing outside the page’s borders. To ensure an accurate alignment, place the test paper behind the label paper, and view it through a light spectrum.  That will show if the alignment is appropriate.

STEP 5: Load the Label Paper

Sheets of paper tend to stick together when printing. It is advisable to always fan them out before use. Also, a printer tray is liable to carry 25 sheets per feeder. To avoid a printer breakdown and have an effective print, try to load the paper tray to its maximum capacity.

STEP 6: Set Print Settings

This step will help you in having a perfect label print. Choose the “Normal Print” quality setting from the program you’re about to print. Then, for the Label’s paper type, go to the “print preview “function to check if the alignment is accurate. If there’s an error sign, go back to the “layout settings” and adjust the margins to accuracy.

STEP 7: Printing

If there’s an error alert, quickly cancel the print job to stop multiple but wrong labels. Then resume your printing job.

What Kind of Printer Do I Need To Print Shipping Labels?

Below are some vital things to consider before choosing the kind of printer you need for printing shipping Labels;

  • Type of Printer: Previously, inkjet printers and laser jets printers were the most acceptable printers. However, with the recent developments, Thermal printers are now in high places in the world of visible printers. This printer in question uses a chemical to heat pick the regions of the thermal printing paper for accurate image creation. The choice of a thermal printer reduces the use of ink, tonners, e.t.c.
  • The printer must accommodate a range of label widths and lengths if it allows lengths of the standard ratio sizes. Also, check the printing width too.
  • Bluetooth support: Ensure that the driver installation is easy and quick to follow
  • Customer care support should be made available for your device.

Our verdict from these discussions is that Thermal Printer is the ultimate printer here. It’d do a lot of printing shipping labels for you. Although Laserjet can equally do some work for you, the thermal printer is simpler and less ambiguous!

Thermal Printer

The thermal printer is an example of a simple and special printer. It has a custom-made paper that changes color when applying heat to it. As its label passes through the printer, a thermal print head heats the paper to create the best images. Thermal is faster than a laser printer. Besides, it is considered one of the best shipping label printer for Shopify as well.

One attribute of a thermal printer is its cheap maintenance. It’s more cost-effective than the laser printer.


The importance of shipping labels cannot be underestimated, as it gives you a direct guide on everything that pertains to the package. But Can Regular Printers Print Shipping Labels? The answer is that it can. So, whether you’re a top firm, a pro, or a newbie, you can utilize a regular printer to print your shipping labels to your satisfaction.

To start printing shipping labels, you have to set up your printer. There are three different types of setup; feel free to choose one and set up your printer for effective print.

Kyle Adam is a printer technician and the founder of this site. After completing his graduation in Computer Science and Engineering, he started work for a renowned printer manufacturing company as a printer technician. Besides his job, he also loves to do research and write about what he is dealing with in his everyday life; Printersguider is the result of that. Kyle created this site to educate those who need a specialized printer but don’t have proper knowledge about it.

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