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If you need a printer for your office or home, or need a solution to a current issue with your existing printer, we’ve got you covered with years of experience of all things printers.


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Our motto is to help people make the right decision, get the right printer, and maintain it well. Getting a printer for home isn’t the same as getting one for your office. Not every printer is made for every type of use.
Don’t you worry if you have a non-functional or faulty printer. We’ve got your back and will help you get it fixed and run it efficiently. We have crafted guides on the following topics and beyond:

Laser printers
Ink jet printers
All-in-one machines
Industrial printers
Toner issues
Printing problems

We Don’t Just Review Products

Our recommendations are based on our test-level findings. Our review process takes a toll on our time because of the steps.

Gather Information

First, we get to know the printer or related product before we get our hands on it. This helps us avoid guesswork and take only the qualified ones on board.


We Run Thorough Tests

Once we have the product in house, our testing team inspects, takes notes, and put the machines into their limits to see how they perform under stress.


Honest Recommendations

After getting everything noted down, we get to make proper written reviews with our honest recommendation. We don’t include the ones that didn’t pass a test.



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Here are our latest reviews and recommendations for printers, toners, and accessories:

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Passing hard time with your printer? We’ve outlined many issues with fixes in our blog:

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